Praveen Alavilli (AOL) ‘User-Centric Identity’ based Service Invocation
Praveen Alavilli is the Systems Architect for AOL Web Authentication Systems. He works on designing and building Strong Authentication and Single Sign On System for all AOL Web Properties. He has been recently working on building support for new User-Centric Open Protocols within AOL.

Peter Arbuthnott (Quakr) Knowing where you are is not enough
Peter has been working in the web for as long as he can remember. Initially as a freelancer and then for the last 8 years as a developer/manager/guru within a technology provider for the academic publishing market. Quakr is his 5-9 project and he’s been working on it since November 2006.

Aral Balkan (Yeah, Let’s Do It!) Bare-naked Flash: Dispelling myths and building bridges
Aral Balkan is a creative technologist, author, professional speaker and a Flash Platform veteran. He is the founder and coordinator of OSFlash.org , author of the pattern-based ActionScript framework called Arp, and the creator of the SWX data format (the native data format for the Flash platform.)

Aral is a published author and has contributed to several books and magazine articles. He is the author of the Adobe Flex 2 QuickStart Guides and has written six courses of his own that cover topics ranging from introductory Flash and ActionScript 2 to Flex 2, ActionScript 3, best practices and open source development.

Aral is a regular speaker at international conferences. In 2007 he spoke at (among others) Macworld, FlashForward (Boston), FITC (Toronto), Multimania (Belgium), Flash on the Beach (UK), MAX Chicago, and MAX Europe.